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N11/N25 Oilgate Rosslare Harbour Project

Project Summary

The first Public Consultation for the project was held in the Ferrycarrig Hotel, Wexford on Wednesday 25th February 2009 from 2p.m. to 8p.m and Thursday 26th February from 10a.m. to 6p.m.  The objective of this consultation was to invite the public to comment on the need for the scheme and assist Wexford County Council in identifying features and issues that form constraints to the development of the route corridor options.

The Constraints Study Report was approved by the National Roads Authority in December 2009.

The Route Selection Public Consultation was held in the Ferrycarrig Hotel, Wexford on Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th of June 2010 displaying the 8 Route Corridor Options.  The objective of this consultation was to inform members of the public of the feasible route corridor options for the scheme and to invite feedback.  In excess of 600 people attended and since the Consultation in excess of 4,000 brochures have been issued to interested members of the public.  In the region of 2,000 submissions were received and all received written acknowledgments.  All written and online submissions were fully considered by the Design Team in arriving at their recommendation for the Preferred Route Corridor.  The public display of this corridor was held in July 2011 and almost c. 2,000 people attended.

Route Selection Report

Details of the Preferred Route Corridor for the N11 / N25 Oilgate to Rosslare Scheme are now available.

The Route Selection Report can be:

  • Inspected (free of charge) at the Enniscorthy District Office, Old Dublin Road, Enniscorthy or in the Roads Department, County Hall, Carricklawn, Wexford.
  • Purchased from the National Roads Liaison Office, Enniscorthy District Office, Old Dublin Road or at the County Hall, Carricklawn, Wexford at a cost of €260 (print copies) or €10 (CD format).
  • Inspected / downloaded free of charge here: Full Report 

All comments on the Preferred Route Corridor / Route Selection Report should be returned to:

National Roads Liaison Office, Enniscorthy District Office, Old Dublin Road, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford by the 31st October 2011.

Next Stage

Wexford County Countil have made application to the National Roads Authourity for funding to undertake the next phase -  the Design Phase. this stage will identify the actual route and will take 18 months from commencement.

Detailed maps of the potential routes.

Route Selection Brochure (PDF Document, 4,062 kbs)

Version of Route Selection in Irish (PDF Document, 4,369 kbs)

Constraints Study Report

N11/N25 Oilgate to Rosslare Harbour Road Improvement Scheme Constraints Study Report August 2009


First Public Consultation Brochure -English (PDF Document, 1,509 kbs)

First Public Consultation Brochure-Irish (PDF Document, 1,555 kbs)

First Public Consultation Brochure-Irish.

EIS documents

Volume 1 - Main Text and NTS

New Ross EIS

New Ross EIS - NTS

Volume 2 - Drawings


  1. New Ross EIS - Volume 2 cover pages.pdf
  2. Figure 01.1.pdf
  3. Figure 03.1 a to k.pdf
  4. Figure 08.1.pdf
  5. Figure 09.1.pdf
  6. Figure 09.2.pdf
  7. Figure 09.3 a to f.pdf
  8. Figure 09.4.pdf
  9. Figure 09.5 a to f.pdf
  10. Figure 09.6a to h and j to m.pdf
  11. Figure 09.7a to d.pdf
  12. Figure 10.1a to f.pdf
  13. Figure 10.2a to f.pdf
  14. Figure 10.3.pdf
  15. Figure 12.1.pdf
  16. Figure 12.4.pdf
  17. Figure 12.5.pdf
  18. Figure 12.6.pdf
  19. Figure 12.7.pdf
  20. Figure 12.8.pdf
  21. Figure 12.9.pdf
  22. Figure 12.10.pdf
  23. Figure 13.1a to b.pdf
  24. Figure 14.1.pdf
  25. Figure 15.1.pdf



Volume 3 - Annexes

New Ross EIS - Volume 3.pdf

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