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PL14 A Guide to Planning Enforcement Leaflet (PDF Document, 1,673 kbs)
This leaflet is a simple guide to understanding what planning enforcement is and how it operates. It is not intended as an interpretation of planning law but rather as a practical guide on what to expect if you are involved, either as a complainant or as a respondent, in the planning enforcement process
A Guide to Planning Enforcement in Ireland (PDF Document, 1,722 kbs)
This information note provides guidance on the planning enforcement system in Ireland.

It sets out:
• some examples of the types of activity/development that might constitute breaches of the planning code;
• the respective roles and responsibilities of the Department of the Environment,Community and Local Government and the planning authorities;
• the procedures that planning authorities may adopt when taking enforcement action, including the remedies and sanctions available;
• the process by which an individual can make a complaint about an alleged breach of the planning code;
• the process by which someone can appeal against an adverse finding by a Planning Authority;
• a short summary of the relevant legislative provisions.

This information note is for guidance only: it does not purport to provide a legal interpretation of the legislative provisions referred to nor can it be regarded as definitive or having any legal effect.
Enforcement Complaint Form (PDF Document, 204 kbs)
If you wish to lodge a complaint with Planning Enforcement, please complete the form above and return to:
Planning Enforcement
Planning Department
Wexford County Council
Carrick Lawn
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