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Checklist - Planning Application (PDF Document, 73 kbs)
Enforcement Complaint Form (PDF Document, 204 KB)
Preliminary Risk Assessment Form/Request for Pre Application Consultation Meeting (Word Document, 33 KB)
Event Licence Form (Word Document, 33 KB)
Exemption Development Application (Section 5) 2000 (Word Document, 27 kbs)
Declaration of Exempted Development (Section 5 of the Planning and Development Acts 2000-2010) to determine if development requires the benefit of planning permission
Exempt Development - Advertising (PDF Document, 68 kbs)
Exempt Development - General (PDF Document, 52 kbs)
Exempt Development - Rural (PDF Document, 344 KB)
Extension of Duration (Word Document, 33 KB)
Fire Safety Certificate Application Form (Word Document, 40 kbs)
Planning Application Form (PDF Document, 186 kbs)
Placenames Application Form (Word Document, 49 KB)
Planning Application Withdrawal Form (PDF Document, 24 kbs)
Pre-Planning Application Form (Word Document, 51 kbs)
Section 97(5) Application Form (Word Document, 28 kbs)
Application Form for Certificate of Exemption from the provisions of Section 96 of the Planning & Development Act 2000
Relaxation Dispensation Application Form (PDF Document, 99 KB)
Schedule of Charges 2017 (Word Document, 27 KB)
Section 57 Application Form (PDF Document, 12 kbs)
Site Suitability Report (PDF Document, 471 KB)
Site Notice (PDF Document, 63 kbs)
Site Notice (Word) (Word Document, 36 kbs)
Site Notice - Further Information/Revised Plans (PDF Document, 26 kbs)

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Application Form for Amendment of Levies as per Urban Regeneration & Housing Act 2015 (PDF Document, 127 KB)
Application Form for Amendment of Levies as per Urban Regeneration & Housing Act 2015
Scaffolding and Hoarding Application form (Word Document, 1,033 kbs)
Table & Chairs licence application form (Word Document, 1,026 kbs)
Taking in Charge Application Form (Developer) (Word Document, 52 KB)
Taking in Charge Application Form (Home owners) (Word Document, 27 KB)
Tidal Lagoon at Swansea Bay, Wales, UK - December 2014 (PDF Document, 82 KB)
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