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Banville, Patrick (Paddy)

Date of Birth: 21st October 1921

Place of Birth: Barry’s Cross, Taghmon, Co. Wexford

Date Interviewed: 20th November 2009

Summary: Paddy Banville still lives in the house where he was born. He walked barefoot to school in Caroreigh. Paddy left school when he was fourteen to work on the family farm. Milking was done by hand, horses pulled ploughs and harrows – the work was hard. The women made butter which was sold in Wexford to regular customers. “An exciting day” for Paddy was when a man came round to help butcher a pig. The slaughtered animal was scalded and scraped and then salted. The crossroads near Paddy’s home would be crowded in summer with people playing games. Paddy loved sport and played football for Clongeen and hurling for Glynn – he won five championships. In those days there were no dirty tricks or foul play.

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