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Library Research Skills

Exercise: Searching Google

Use your essay title to do this exercise.

Use Google to locate two web pages articles on your specific topic.

Learner Outcomes:

When the assignment is complete you should understand how to:

  • Perform a well focused keyword search using Boolean operators and other search features to locate web pages that support your research topic
  • Create an MLA style citation for your web pages
  • Evaluate the credentials (or lack of credentials) of the web page author or web page sponsor
  • Explain how your web pages support your research questions, and research focus.

Research Topic: _________________________________________

Web page #1

  1. Do a search to locate web pages on your topic. Write down your exact search phrase including any special symbols, Boolean operators, phrase searching, etc.
  2. Provide a citation for the Web site/page based upon your chosen citation style.
  3. What are the author’s qualifications to write about this topic? If there is no author, what is the purpose of the organization sponsoring the web page? What do they promote? What is their purpose for existing? Do they have a social or political agenda, and if so what is it?
  4. Why is this Web page helpful for writing about your topic? Exactly how will it help you research your topic? How will it help you answer your research questions?

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