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County Wexford Arrears Support Team

Arrears Support Team

Wexford County Council has an Arrears Support Team to assist you if you are currently or expect in the near future to have difficulties repaying your mortgage.  The best thing you can do is talk to us (053 9196604 / 9196004).

Assess the best option for you

The support team will consider what options may be suitable for you under the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process.  In order to assess the best option for you in dealing with your arrears problem you will need to set out your monthly income and expenditure by completing a Standard Financial Statement.  

Don’t forget that you can also get help from your local MABS office  0761074050 or other agencies

Contact Wexford County Council Arrears Support Team 

053 9196604 / 9196004

Standard Financial Statement (PDF Document, 257 KB)
Standard Financial Statement
Mortgage to Rent, A Guide for Local Authority Borrowers (PDF Document, 136 KB)
Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process - Borrower Information Booklet (PDF Document, 630 KB)
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