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Scheme of Letting Priorities (Word Document, 30 kbs)
County Development Plan: Chapter 4 – Housing (Word Document, 58 kbs)
Residential Tenancies Act 2004 - A Quick Guide (PDF Document, 378 kbs)
Information Leaflet - Registration of Tenancies with PRTB (PDF Document, 83 kbs)
Housing Repair Loan (Word Document, 175 KB)
Standard Financial Statement (PDF Document, 242 KB)
Standard Financial Statement
Sample Contract for Landlord (RAS) (Word Document, 106 kbs)
Landlord Questionnaire (Word Document, 210 kbs)
Tenant Questionnaire (Word Document, 88 kbs)
Declaration of income (Word Document, 67 kbs)
Consent form for cancellation of rent supplement payment (Word Document, 162 kbs)
Checklist for Landlords (Houses) (PDF Document, 52 KB)
Checklist for Landlords (Apartments) (PDF Document, 77 KB)
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