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Air Quality

Wexford's air quality remains generally good. In this regard we are fortunate to be a coastal county on the western fringe of Europe, with an almost continuous supply of clean air from the Atlantic Ocean. In Ireland, air pollution is monitoried by both Local Authorities and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Air quality standards have been set out in EU and Irish legislation in order to protect both the public and the environment.

Smoky Coal Regulations

Under the Air Pollution Act, it is an offence to burn bituminous or smoky coal within the Wexford Town Area.  This ban on the sale of smokey coal came into effect in 1998 and the area covered was extended twice, in 2012, and 2015 to also cover the village of Castlebridge. In 2012 the burning of smoky coal and other prohibited fuels within the "smokeless zone" was also incorporated into the regulations to complements the ban on the marketing, sale and distribution of bituminous coal.

Volatile Organic Solvent Air Pollution

Organic solvents are used in many industrial processes and as they are volatile compounds are emitted either directly or indirectly into the air.

Many organic compounds are directly harmful to human health or to the environment.

New Solvent and Decorative Paint Regulations governing installations and activities using organic solvents such as vehicle refinishers and dry cleaners and Paint Sale Outlets have been revised and introduced in 2013. 

  1. Register of Vehicle Refinishers Wexford  

  2. Best Practice Guidelines for Vehicle Refinishing  

  3. Register of Dry Cleaners Wexford 

  4. Best Practice Guidelines for Dry Cleaning

  5. Register of other VOC users in Co Wexford

Operators of petrol stations are legally required to obtain a Certificate of Testing from Wexford County Council relating to vapour emissions from their premises, in accordance with the European Union (Stage 11 Petrol Vapour Recovery During Refuelling of Motor Vehicles at Service Stations) Regulations 2013.

Additional information is available at the following:

Register of Petrol Vapour Emissions in County Wexford

Odours from Landspreading of Slurry and other Organic Fertilisers

Wexford County Council acknowledges that land spreading of agricultural slurries is a normal part of agricultural practices and that some level of odour can be expected from slurry spreading.  All slurry spreading should be carried out in accordance with good practice guidelines by the Department of Agriculture.  Further details here -   EU (Good Agricultural Practice for the Protection of Waters) Regulations 2014

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