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Corporate Services

The Corporate Affairs Directorate includes a wide variety of services:

The Directorate works with other departments in Wexford County Council on:

The Directorate is also responsible for the preparation and publication of the following:


The Local Government Management Agency Governance Framework of 2016 provides much background information on the Local Govenrment Sector under the following headings:

1. Purpose, Planning and Performance,

2. Leadership Roles and Relationships,

3.  Values, Ethics and Behaviour,

4.  Decision-Making, Risk and Control,

5.  Evaluation and Capacity Development,

6.  Stakeholders and Public Accountability.



Meetings of the Council

Each year, Wexford County Council is required to hold an annual meeting, a budget meeting and such other meetings as are necessary for the conduct of its business.

Ordinary meetings of Wexford County Council are held in the afternoon on the second Monday of every month (except August) in the Council Chamber, County Hall.  

A set of rules called “Standing Orders” are adopted by the Council to regulate proceedings and cover items such as notice of meetings, order of business, voting etc.  The Cathaoirleach chairs the Council meetings and has a casting vote in the case of an equality of votes, except in the election of the Cathaoirleach.  Minutes are kept of proceedings at Council meetings.

Attendance at Meetings

Members of the public have a right to attend meetings of Wexford County Council, subject to the availability of space.  The press can and do attend Council meetings, other than committee meetings.

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