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Kilmore Quay Marina and Port has
recently undergone major
development and is now
one of Ireland's premier
fishing and leisure harbours.

It is the ideal port of refuge
for pleasure craft of all
types and is becoming a
fashionable and regular
destination for all cruising
The port is managed by
Wexford County Council and
is a model to all local authorities on how to develop such a resource.
The fact that a busy fishing port and a thriving marina can co-exist in harmony is a
tribute to the resilience and hospitality of all in the local community. Kilmore Quay marina is the gateway to the southeast of Ireland
We welcome all our visitors and assure you of a happy, safe and enjoyable stay.


Slipway Launching Fee:
80.00 (Annually) 15 (Daily)


Harbour Visitor Rates - Reduced for 2012!


  mooring/night   Min. Charge
Summer**  1st June-31st Aug    2.50 p/m p/n Min 25.00  
Shoulder April/May & Sept     2.00 p/m p/n  Min 20.00  
Winter Rate 1st Oct 31st Mar     1.50 p/m p/n  Min 15.00 

**No Weekly or Monthly Rates will apply during the summer season due to pressure on berthage.  

  Shoulder Rates  Winter Rates
Daily:  2.00p/m     Min 20.00 1.50 p/m            Min 15.00
Weekly:   12 p/m       Min 120.00 9.00 p/m         Min 90.00
 Monthly:  40 p/m       Min 400.00  30.00 p/m         Min 300.00
Seasonal:   N/a              N/a 100.00 p/m       Min 1,000.00

For further information contact the Harbour Office, Kilmore Quay at 053-91299 55 or 087 9001037



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